How does setting up surveillance camera benefit organisations?How does setting up surveillance camera benefit organisations?

Surveillance cameras are crucial for security and safety of your organisation. In today’s age, when espionage and white collared crimes are increasing by the day, not protecting your company against such possible felony is living in fool’s paradise. If you are the head of a large-scale organisation, then it is your moral duty to ensure the security and safety of your employees, visitors, clients and vendors. In effect, it is all about setting up a controlled environment, similar to how a queue management software works when implemented. One of the first steps that you must take is installing surveillance cameras at key points in and around your office building. The following are a few key installations:

1. Outside storage rooms

2. Depository of confidential documents

3. Across the lobby and office floor

4. Inside the pantry or cafeteria

5. Inside the elevator cars

6. At the entrance gate of building & office

7. Car parking and basement storage room
There are various reasons why installing a surveillance camera system will be worth your penny.

• Safety & Security: An employee working in your office does not want to become a victim of violence at any point in time. Even if there is any untoward incident, employees expect swift help, in terms of identifying the culprit and rescue during a dangerous situation. In most offices, many employees work late into the night, probably being the single person on the floor! In such cases, employees feel assured with a surveillance camera, as there is a sense of security that he or she is not alone on the floor.

• Increased productivity: If your employees are aware that they are being watched constantly and continuously, then they follow discipline at work. It invokes a sense of fear, forcing the employee to be in check and not cross any boundaries. Once the surveillance camera is set-up, those employees who would take five breaks in a day, will cut it down to two. Those employees who whiled away time chatting with and disturbing the other employees will focus on finishing their own work. In effect, the overall productivity will increase tremendously.

• Reduced burglary: Surveillance cameras are your eyes inside your organisation. If any of your employees even thinks of stealing, then he will always, at the back of his mind, know that he is being watched. Even if he takes the risks of stealing from your company, he will be caught immediately. Consequentially, any employee will think twice before taking anything without authorization in your company.

• Real time monitoring: Interestingly, surveillance camera allows you watch the workings inside and outside the office as they happens. Therefore, if there is an emergency such as fire or an earthquake, then it is easier to guide people and take them through the rescue efforts. In addition, if there is an accident or a conflict on the premises of the office, then real time monitoring will enable timely intervention.

• Evidence against crime: If someone has stolen confidential documents or design from your office and if it the surveillance camera records the act of crime, then the guilty can be punished effectively. The footage from the video cameras will be used as evidence in court to prove the thief guilty of espionage and other corporate crimes.

• Overall environment improves: While setting up the surveillance camera system may seem a little costly initially, the return on investment come in ripples. Since the threat of theft has reduced, there is more security among the employees. In addition, since employees are working in discipline, thereby increasing the productivity.

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