3 Essential Functions of an ERP System and Software

The history of Enterprise Resource Planning commonly (ERP) in Singapore dates back to 1940 when it was a simple calculating machine. Today, it’s a whole new powerful tool that assists in complex office operations. It tends to magnetize you and keep you on track when implementing and managing an organization.

It has taken gigantic steps over the years and cropped up as a “soldier” in today’s digital world. In a nutshell, ERP is software with robust business process management tools and strategies that are used to man-up data in an organization.

To keep up with the competition with other businesses, the ERP system ought to be put in place to help streamline, measure, and automate processes in an organization. The ERP tends to magnetize you and keep you on track when implementing and managing an organization.

The following are the famous ERP systems and software available in Singapore:

1)   The Human Resource Management

The primary reason for the HR management software is to ease employees’ management.  The tools have been framed in such a way that they perfectly fall in the necessities of prominent organizations and newbie enterprises.

Unlike other casual human resource applications, the HRM provides data from the rest of the applications to manage and evaluate employees.

The ERP in HRM significantly contribute and eases tasks in the following ways;

  • Brings about zero mistakes by keeping accuracy in accounting transactions within the organization. It achieves this by centralizing wages and contacts. Seasonal evaluation of employees’ performance is used.
  • This is attained by maintaining motivational processes within the organization.
  • The use of HRM software to ease the management of all expenses. This, from travel expenditure to fuel card; hence, everything is kept on track.

2)   Accounting

The ERP emerged as a result of the need to combine back-office and manufacturing functions. The tools in accounting have been put in place to support software functions like time tracking, report on tax, and payrolls. This is essential to reduce complexity and grow the company with online ERP software.

ERP software has easy-to-use accounting software which facilitates the recording and processing of different financial transactions. The process consists of invoices and purchases order receipts. Also, the platform provides a quick and effective way to manage business processes.

3)   Customer Relationship Management

Generally, a strong relationship with your customer base is the stronghold of all your other business functions.

CRM tools make fostering connections easy than expected. Its functionality helps enterprises campaigns nurture leads and maintain client information. These have been contributed by HashMicro Singapore CRM software by embracing features like salesperson management, Sales Report Generation, and Modern Interface Dashboard.

Final Stake

You have to to believe on yourself, that’s the secret of success. And since business pain is a common symptom, especially in Singapore, it requires urgent ERP transition or system upgrade because it’s believed in by a considerable number of organizations.

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