All the Essential Features of CCTV That You Need To Know

CCTV or closed-circuit television camera is the most effective security system that provides round-the-clock surveillance. It can capture the slightest movements, help to conduct surveys, record events, etc. CCTV cameras are able to do vast number of things and with each day and advancement of technology the scope increases manifold. Only the best CCTV and video analytics solutions provider can give you a wide range of features

The main features:

There are many types of CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras are available in many forms and shapes for you to choose from.

Available in black and white, and colour

Night vision features or able to capture images in low light

Storage up to 30 frames per second. Though usually people select one to 6 frames per second especially when there’s storage involved

Pan tilt zoom features ability to control the surveillance and be able zoom in and out remotely. These cameras are movable, can pan from left to right, up and down and zoom in and out

Audio recording features

Some cameras are waterproof and can be used outside as they are rain resistant

Some are designed in a way that they are inconspicuous

Video analytics solutions software

The software takes the camera to the next level by the amazing facilities it offers.

Remote access and access control system on tablet/smart phone

Motion detection of even the slightest movement

Identify abandoned objects, vehicles, etc in the premises

Alert whenever there is something amiss or out of order

Facial recognition

Count people, identify gender split in a retail store

Alert when there’s overcrowding in a store or a restaurant, etc

Identify which areas in a store have more footfall

License plate registration

Edge based solutions where video is transmitted only after the software prioritises it, uses less bandwidth and provides higher results

Some really high end software can even be used for heat mapping and monitor queues required especially by the retail and hospitality sectors

CCTV can run on both wired and wireless connections

It depends totally on how many cameras you are installing, based on which, you can choose a method.

Every day with new technology, the software and cameras are capable of doing newer things in a better way. While this list is comprehensive, it isn’t exhaustive, so do speak to your CCTV and video analytics solutions provider and ask about the latest features available and what you should go for.

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