The Transformation of Marketing Through the Use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Although some companies still use traditional marketing methods, many have adopted modern marketing techniques that have been made available using applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365. Microsoft NAV or Microsoft Navision has played a critical role in the changes in marketing that has propelled companies to a level never imagined before.

Multi-market marketing campaigns

It has become necessary for companies to think of alternative ways to reach their target market. Microsoft Navision solutions makes it possible for companies to run parallel marketing channels such as email marketing, events, phone calls, SMS integration, and web landing pages. This may seem too much if there is inadequate organization. However, these are some of the cheapest ways to reach consumers and get clients willing to buy your goods or services.

Event management

Organizing events is an integral part of marketing. How the event is prepared will determine how well the attendees will respond to the message sent. Microsoft Dynamics helps to manage the registration process. This will help ensure only the required number of people based on the size of the venue get in. This is especially important for a brand that is likely to attract hundreds of people. Registration also helps the company to gauge the number of people interested in the event. If the response is slow, the company may choose to intensify marketing the event. Microsoft Dynamics can also be used to schedule sessions and organize venue logistics.

Monitor website visits

Landing pages are used to boost interaction with potential clients. It is a link between the company and the people who may be interested in the product. Companies can monitor visitor behaviors and help tailor-make emails in a bid to personalize the consumer experience. A potential client is likely to respond positively to an email that targets him or her individually, as opposed to one that was sent to multiple people.

Social engagement

If your company is running campaigns on social media, Microsoft Dynamics can help you to create and schedule posts in support of your campaigns. This is an important feature in this digital era where many companies are targeting social media users to get their message to hundreds of users at the same time. This feature ensures you still get to market your product or service even when you are held up elsewhere.

Conduct online surveys

Consumer feedback is essential for every business. It helps determine ways in which the business can make improvements. Many clients are willing to respond to polls, especially since they understand the importance of interaction between companies and their clients. This feedback is often honest and is of great benefit when it comes to decision making.

Identify high priority targets

Marketing requires a strategy. Every company looks for the most ideal when it comes to cost and return on investment. Microsoft NAV makes it easy for businesses to look at the products and services they offer, their target market, and the best way to reach the said audience. This application also has marketing analyzers which look at the marketing strategy and product that has the highest probability of being most productive for the business.

How and when to market a product or service is significant for most companies. Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers greater insights and dynamics that will help the business to meet its goals.









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